Farm Stand West & Fran's Original Farm Stand

Our Fresh Produce


Apple Pie, Gluten Free Cucumbers, lemon Onions, sweet Imperial
Apricots, dried Cucumbers, pickling Oranges, Blood
Avocados, Hass Cucumbers, Persian Oranges, Vanilla blood
Basil, living Dinner rolls, Gluten/Egg Free+ Oranges, Valencia
Beets Dragon fruit, red Orange Juice, fresh squeezed
Beet greens Eggs, farm fresh Orange, Blood fresh squeezed
Blackberries Flatbread, Gluten Free+ Peppers, Anaheim
Bok Choy Garlic & Garlic braids Pie crust, Gluten Free+
Beans, green & yellow Gift Baskets/bags, produce Pizza crust, Gluten Free+
Bread, multi grain Gluten Free+ Grapefruit, pink & yellow Plums, Burgundy
Bread, multi grain Allergen Free+ Grapefruit, Ruby Red Plums, Greengage
Bread, Deli style Gluten Free+ Honey, raw – local wildflower Plums, Santa Rosa
Bread, whole grain Gluten free+ Kale, Dino Pumpkin Pie, Gluten Free
Brownies, Gluten Free Lemons, Eureka Squash, Summer varieties
Cantaloupe, Burpee* Lettuce, Butter Strawberries
Cantaloupe, Sarah’s Choice Lettuce, Red Curly Tomatoes, Farm Stand field
Cantaloupe, Tania* Lettuce, Red Romaine Tomatoes, red hydroponic
Mustard, Brains Sweet & Hot Tomatoes, Heirloom hydroponic
Chard, Swiss Mulberries, purple Walnuts, raw
Cookies, Gluten Free Choco Chip Nectarines Watermelon
Cookies, Gluten Free Snickerdoodles Nuts, mixed fancy salted Zucchini
Corn, sweet white Nuts, mixed fancy unsalted

+ Available at Farm Stand West only.
* This page is updated throughout the week to keep you informed of what we currently have available at our stands.  Some items are only available in limited quantities and/or are subject to availability.  Call ahead to check stock.

Farm Stand West – 2115 Miller Ave.  Escondido, CA  92025  760-738-9014
Fran’s Original Farm Stand – 1980 Summit Dr.  Escondido, CA  92027  760-504-0101

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