Farm Stand West & Fran's Original Farm Stand

Our Fresh Produce


In The Farm Stand Today* 

Apples, Fuji Honey, raw & local wildflower Oranges, Navel
Apples, Granny Smith Kale, Red Russian Orange Juice, fresh squeezed
Apples, Pink Lady Kumquats Orange Pomegranate juice
Apricots, dried Lavender Passion Fruit
Avocados, Hass Lemons, Eureka & Meyer Rosemary, fresh
Carrots Lettuce, Butter Strawberries*
Cilantro Lettuce, Red Romaine Tangelos
Cookies & Brownies, gluten free Limes Tomatoes, Farm Stand field
Dried fruit, varieties Limes, Key/Mexican Tomatoes, red hydroponic
Eggs, farm fresh Mustard, Brains Turnips
Gift Baskets/bags, produce Nuts, mixed fancy salted  
Grapefruit, Oro Blanco Nuts, mixed fancy unsalted  
Grapefruit, Pink Oranges, Blood

*This page is updated throughout the week to keep you informed of what we currently have available at our stands.  Some items are only available in limited quantities and/or are subject to availability.  Call ahead to check stock

Farm Stand West – 2115 Miller Ave.  Escondido, CA  92025  760-738-9014
Fran’s Original Farm Stand – 1980 Summit Dr.  Escondido, CA  92025  

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