San Diego Farm

Not all items on this calendar are available this season or in stock today at our farm stand locations. These are approximated times of harvest; actual harvest times will vary depending on weather and the variety grown.

You can check our online inventory to see what we currently have in stock at our farm stands.

Our Fresh Produce


In Season

Cut Flowers January — December
Apples August — December
Artichokes February — March
Asian Pears October — November
Asparagus February — March
Avocados March — November
Basil May — December
(Green) Beans May — November
Beets October — July
Blackberries June — August
Boyesberries June — August
Broccoli November — July
Cabbage October — April
Carrots September — May
Cauliflower January — December
Celery January — December
Chard November — May
Cherimoyas November — June
Corn July — October
Cucumbers April — November
Eggplant May — October
Figs July — October
Grapes May — November
Grapefruit January — September
Guavas January — December
Herbs January — December
(Red) Kale January — May
Kiwi January — May
Kumquats January — February
Lemons January — December
Limes January — December
Lettuce October — May
Macadamia Nuts November — January
Melons May — November
Onions April — October
(Naval) Oranges November — April
(Valencia) Oranges April — September
Peaches May — September
Pears August — October
Peas January — May
Peppers July — December
Persimmons November — December
Plums May — September
Potatoes December — October
Pumpkins October — November
Radishes October — July
Raspberries June — September
Rhubarb January — March
Scallions April — October
Snap Peas January — April
Spinach October — May
(Summer) Squash April — November
(Winter) Squash November — March
Strawberries February — October
Sweet Corn May — October
Sweet Potatoes July — November
Tangelos January — December
Tangerines November — March
Tomatoes May — December
(White) Turnips January — May